You're Angry - So, What Are You Feeling Guilty About?

You're Angry - So, What Are You Feeling Guilty About?

There are times in all our lives when for want of reason or rationale we just cannot seem to help running spare of tolerance, and also to maintain a large volume of anger, so much so that anger management courses are necessary.

At times we really wonder why this is so; we upset people or are upset by these. Life is just maddening in this space disregarding what side of anger management courses we're on - dishing out anger or being in receipt of it.

Anger, without question, is a failure of patience and of self-control. It is so very often caused because goals are blocked and frustration sets in. Patience is the key to becoming mature and is the absence of visceral guilt, shame or anguish due to the infamous 'emotional baggage' which is so much a focus in anger management courses.

Two Key Reasons for Anger

There is everyday anger and the more subdued anger. It would be fair to say that both converge over all of us. As far as addressing our anger is concerned - and we all have it to deal with - the former is about maturing in patience, warding against the frustrations of life, and the latter is about reconciling the hidden guilt (and shame) from bygone years - forgiving ourselves in anger management courses - so that these nemeses do not cloud issues of truth with apparent lies.

Two Fixes Augmenting Patience

It's no good trying to be more self-controlled by being less angry. It's only a temporary answer and therefore it's no solution at all. It's better for us to develop real patience, especially in those situations that normally frustrate and anger us, whilst coming to grips with the emotional baggage that plagues us. These are both processes along a journey with no overnight fix from anger management courses.

Anger - the Sign We've Got Unresolved Issues

It is interesting that anger is so often the sign of acute repression where recent issues perhaps call us to account, again, regarding an old trigger - the dredged up wound we're hardly even aware of. In this way our anger is telling us something, and we usually need anger management courses in order to decipher the message. It's telling us that we have unfinished business with both our distant past and our recent past. If we should choose to accept this mission of exploring our wounds, truth will be our ally.

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