Reflection on Change for Those with Anger Issues

Reflection on Change for Those with Anger Issues

Change is one of those things we all must do, yet most do not want to do. Most of us are afraid of what change brings or means. Yet, if we remain the same we cannot grow. Some of us cannot ignore the need for change. We simply cannot go on as we have. This is the case for us with anger issues. Our future happiness is dependent upon the changes we make today, beginning with anger management courses.

We change because we realize our lives have been out of control. We change because our anger has caused us so much pain and loss. We change because we realize the world will not accept us as we are. Very simple, if we do not change with anger management courses we will soon become obsolete, if not contained.

We, who have anger issues, must get to the point where we are comfortable with the idea of change. Change means we can meet new opportunities such as anger management courses and the potential to realize what has been so elusive. We can meet true awareness which leads to living a fulfilled life. The pain of who we are and what we have done will never allow us to enjoy these life goals.

So how do we become comfortable with change? The first step is to realize we need change. We have to hit the "bottom." We have to get tired of broken relationships, lost employment, and lost love. When we hit the bottom we have nowhere to go. Either we continue to allow our lives to degrade or we embrace the kind of anger management courses change.

Change, for us, has to be comprehensive. We need to understand our addiction and we need tools to sustain our recovery. This begins with an honest assessment of who we are and where we want to be. The term is "discrepancy." The greater the discrepancy, the greater the need for change to include anger management courses.

However, change must be intentional and purposeful. It cannot be without direction and/or planning, lest we find ourselves in yet another difficult reality. Change has to be identified and designed. In other words, we need to contemplate the areas for change and map our journey for change, beginning with anger management courses.

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