Court Appointed Anger Management

Court Appointed Anger Management

Actually, if a judge is ordering anger management courses to be taken by a person who was brought before his bench, he is giving that person a break. No one goes before a judge unless he has broken the law and has been charged by the police. The first step in anger management courses is to recognize that you have been charged with committing a crime and are before a judge who can substitute jail time for anger management courses.

However, if you were charged with striking somebody who called you a name, a bad name or who swore at you, and the person you struck wasn't seriously hurt, the judge might consider sentencing you to complete anger management courses before going any further with your trial. Anger management courses can be a condition for husbands who have a history of bullying their wives and whose wives will not press charges, but their actions have necessitated police action who did charge the husband for disturbing the peace. If you were arrested for reckless driving and you were found not to be drunk, but angry, anger management courses might be an option that a judge might take.

Although you might be thinking that a fine, a heavy fine might be a deterrent, that really isn't always the case. In individuals whose threshold of tolerance for being personally insulted, demoralized, or harassed, a fine will be forgotten at the time of the next incident. But, six months of anger management courses will not easily be forgotten.

The interesting part of anger management courses is that even if the therapist instructor isn't the best, just the fact that you have to show up every week for six months initiates a change in your everyday activities. That forcing of your personality to commit to a program that you might find ridiculous will however impact your automatic response system. The requirement of attending anger management courses has also been shown to help alleviate intermittent explosive disorder which can prove to be a real problem in learning to adjust to day to day stress.

If you are being court appointed to attend anger management courses, you can make arrangements with a psychiatrist on your own who can appear with you, if you pay him, to testify that you are under treatment and that you pose no threat to yourself or to others. Also, if he has prescribed a short-term anxiety reliever medication that might sway the judge to reconsider mandating anger management courses.

But, basically, anger is a debilitating disorder. It can rob you of your dignity and more than that it can cost you time in jail. Repeated acts caused by built up anger that explodes also known as intermittent explosive disorder will probably cost you your marriage, if you are married. There really is no definite cure for anger without anger management courses and/or medication. Your family might have become adjusted to baiting you willfully or through habit. They are not going to change, but you must learn to build up your acceptance of their habits or lose them. The most important thing to remember is that without a structured program of targeting your emotional ups and downs and teaching you how to resolve anger without violence, you will never change your behavior by yourself unless some catastrophic act happens to you that causes you to stop. And, even then, studies have shown that once the shock of the act has passed, people with anger problems go back to old habits if they do not follow anger management techniques and/ or medication.

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