Anger Management - Hot Buttons And How To Cool Them Off

Anger Management - Hot Buttons And How To Cool Them Off

Everyone one has those Damn hot buttons; things that set them off; that trigger reactions in their bodies that resemble explosions or implosions. People tend to be afraid of anger because of the anger management courses, damage, pain, suffering and guilt that goes along with it or follows in its aftermath. When your reactions to the things that cause you anger, stress or frustration lead to pain or suffering, yours or someone else's, then you know it's time to handle your feelings differently!
How do you define anger? What sets your heart pounding, your veins throbbing, your head exploding? What fills your body with incredible anger management courses, or ties your stomach in knots? Do any of these symptoms sound or feel familiar? Are you afraid of your anger or someone else's? Do you walk around on egg shells for fear of setting someone off, or are others walking on egg shells for fear of setting you off? Either way, it means you are not living with the love and respect for who you are.
Anger is energy: Intense, sometimes scary and often overwhelming, but all it is, is energy. Most people are afraid of what this feels like because of past negative messages about anger. Parents often tell children not to be anger management courses, or children grow up receiving the brunt of their parents' anger and were hurt by it emotionally, and/or physically. We carry these negative beliefs within our bodies and minds and react to our feelings of anger in the ways we learned in order to survive in our families of origin.
Perhaps you grew up in a home where anger was explosive. Maybe your parents yelled, threw things, hit (you or each other) damaged things, etc. You had to learn to survive in that atmosphere. How did you learn to cope? Did you become aggressive or did you become fearful, passive or the peace-maker? Perhaps you grew up in a home where anger was more insidious. Maybe love was withheld, or you received anger management courses that you were disapproved of, or a disappointment somehow, or there was silence that was palpable. Most people grew up in homes that were a combination of these two extremes. What atmosphere are you living in now? What home are you creating for yourself and for those you love?
Anger is a hot topic (no pun intended). It is a feeling that everyone experiences, yet few people really want to address, talk about or deal with directly. I want you to focus for a moment on what really “makes your blood boil". What makes you "see red"? Notice that both these question put the "blame" on an external anger management courses or behavior, as if you have no control over your reactions to circumstances. Often-times events that trigger an intense reaction on your part are more related to your history rather than to the event at hand. Why do you get so utterly incensed at what might otherwise be perceived as a mere slight or oversight? What is it in your history that you are really reacting to?
I want you to begin to think about the anger management courses of your reactions, so that you will be in a position to CHOOSE how you want to RESPOND to something rather than feeling forced or compelled to react to it. The goal, or desired outcome is to feel empowered in situations that cause you stress. Even when people are exploding and they seem so powerful and scary, in truth, they are operating from a space that is really weak and powerless. People who seethe internally may appear controlled, and intimidating, but they are really feeling weak and powerless. The people who are really empowered, centered and grounded have no need for violence or demeaning behavior. In your moments of utter frustration, anger and stress, what's really in control: you or your feelings? What is it you are really reacting to? What are your feelings in those moments? What do you really need or want?
Allow yourself to sit and think about the last time you got really anger management courses, frustrated or stressed. How quickly do you feel your body tense up, and your whole system move into "red alert"? STOP! BREATHE! FOCUS! What is happening inside you? Where do your feelings resonate most intensely in your body? JUST BREATHE---and allow yourself to focus on your physical feelings. Does your tension sit in your gut; In your head; In your chest; In your throat; In your legs; etc.? Breathe into your feelings. DON'T DO ANYTHING! Notice how hard it is to just sit. Feel the energy coursing through you. The energy is begging for expression: Now YOU get to decide HOW to express it! Please remember that if you express this energy and you or someone else gets hurt (emotionally or physically) you will create guilt and then the cycle of being out of control and powerless will be perpetuated.
You have choices! Since anger, stress and anger management courses are all variations of the same energy, and it stems from a powerless, helpless and vulnerable space, the desired outcome is to EMPOWER yourself when faced with these feelings. Therefore, choosing empowering expressions of your feelings is what coping with those damn hot buttons is all about. We cannot control the things that may set us off, but we can control what we do with our feelings once the trigger has been pulled. Maybe you need to run, take a brisk walk, scream into a pillow, hit a punching bag, vent your feelings with a good friend or counselor until you are ready to communicate respectfully with whomever you are really angry with, or maybe you need to vacuum, so that not only are you releasing a lot of energy, but you get to talk loudly with no one hearing you.
Some people like to yell at the top of their lungs stamp their feet. (Do these in private---the goal is to release your anger in private, not at or on anyone else) Any of these anger management courses are healthy, not harmful to you or anyone else, and they all will give you an opportunity to release your energy so that you can THINK, and FOCUS on how you really want to handle a situation in a way that will be loving, respectful and compassionate for yourself and for whoever else might be involved. When dealing with anger it is imperative to remember NOT to strike when the iron is hot, but to wait until that iron has cooled off. Nothing positive or productive is gained when communicating with hostility, rancor or aggression. The goal is to communicate with respect; for yourself and those involved.

Breathe slowly and deeply and state out loud and frequently throughout the coming days, weeks and months: "My desired anger management courses is to be safe with my most challenging feelings. I release and express my feelings in ways that are respectful to myself and those around me." Breathe slowly and deeply and allow this to resonate within you.

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