Anger: How to Transform the Negative Passion to Positive Energy

Anger: How to Transform the Negative Passion to Positive Energy

"I hate you when you speak like that!! Like a...!!Forget it!!" Robert spanks the door on Magi's face and leaves the room. Magi remained seated still for about 5 minutes with a shocked face and then slowly left for office. This is a common household scene, one venting out anger, and the other suppressing it. Unfortunately neither spewing nor stewing anger is good for health, anger management courses show that anger, suppressed or vented out, encourages the risk of heart attack.

Chronic and suppressed anger is more damaging to women than to men; nevertheless, suppressed anger in men affects their health as well. The surge of adrenaline in a human body needs to release itself, it increases the mortality risk twice in women who suppress anger as compared to other women even with their negative life style. On the other hand, men are affected by suppressed anger when they are suffering from high blood pressure. Anger is one of the basic anger management courses of a human being, suppressing it will cause an imbalance in our daily routine like sleeping disorder, loss of appetite which influence the immune system in our body.

There are ways following which we can transform anger to positive energy. Anger takes us through a process of self realization drawing our attention to our needs, rights, opinions; we get strong anger management courses when our self-esteem is threatened. This passionate understanding could be used in a positive way, which will help us to overcome the adversity of the situation and make things right for us. The question is "How"? We never knew, heard or imagined that anger could be good. Actually being a rational animal, if we can express our anger rationally then it can release the tension in a relationship and we come closer to people, because we are being honest about who we are.

So let explore the ways to express our anger positively;
When you are attacked by the hormone adrenaline, you will find your heart pounding ten times faster, you will be breathing faster and your anger management courses will be flushing. This is the time you need to take 10 deep breaths and fritter away the hold of that hormone on you. After breathing in, you will find that you have more options to follow then just bursting out.

If you find that it is becoming painful to hold your emotion back, try some kickboxing, or involve into a physical activity that requires a lot of anger management courses and allows vocal grunting. Or take a pillow and kick it saying "I hate so and so for doing so and so, I feel like doing so and so..." This way you are channeling your adrenaline energy out of your body.

Discuss the incident with your trusted friend or a counselor, by this you will be able to understand if your anger was valid and at the same time, the main source of irritation will come up. While discussing, you need to keep in mind that you are trying to find out an assertive way to confront the person who is the reason of your anger.

Maintain a diary or daily journal where you jot down your angry thoughts, the reason why you were angry. Note down your anger management courses, what you did after getting angry? Did you shout? Did you cry? Had a headache? Grabbed a glass of chardonnay and chilled?

Record a self-talk and speak your heart out about the whole issue. This will show how you are affected by anger management courses. This way you will be able to understand the sensibility of the issue and handle it properly.

After following the complete process you will be able to identify what made you angry and how you want to amend anger management courses. Now state your views clearly, firmly and reasonably. Do not threaten, name-call or talk about old grudges. This assures that a road for negotiation will open up and your needs will be heard.

Anger is a very normal instinct in human being, a form of passion having both positive and negative anger management courses on life. The emotion of anger should neither remain bottled up nor should it blow up. We have to learn how to deal with this strong passion, and to use it positively we require understanding, patience and practice.

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