Anger and the Many Issues it Causes

Anger and the Many Issues it Causes

Having worked in the medical field for over 25 years I have seen my share of angry people. Just living life on a daily basis you can see your share of angry people. What with "Road Rage," "Senseless Killings," and "Crime," just to name a few, there are a great number of anger management courses in the world.

From what I have seen after spending a number of years in the hospital security anger management courses and the last 15 as a radiologic Technologist and coming in contact with people from all walks of life, I have surmised that the majority of people haven't addressed their anger issues nor do they know where they stem from.

There will be articles from doctors and others in the medical field; however, they are just stating anger management courses that may give you an avenue to take so that if something does apply to you will find the right road to address your circumstances.

Some of the issues that arise stem from sometimes just not having enough money to do all the things one might want to do. Other anger management courses deal with people being unhappy with their job, family life not going as planned, and/or the loss of a loved one.

There is no way to address all the issues that there are in life; here at “No More anger For You,” the management just hopes to help. By supplying a litany of articles from many sources maybe anger management courses will stick out for you.

The articles will always be added fresh, so it is suggested that you bookmark this site and come back often. There will even be a special piece for those that have issues that may not require medical attention, but needs anger management courses.

I do know that anger leads to internal problems both physically (stress) and emotionally. It can lead to a series of bad decisions in your life as well as poor performance in all areas. The body is a system and if anything is out of place the anger management courses are in disarray.

Without being a doctor I know that ANGER is to be the leading cause of "Road Rage." Imagine you are driving and someone gets in front of you and your whole persona changes. The brain does not kick in and say “the world is big enough for both of us to here,” or change lanes where once again a clear anger management courses are presented.

No, it causes something to click and instead of changing lanes a person pulls their car right to the back of the other car; now you have 6,000 pounds of steel metal and other anger management courses and if on the highway going at a speed of at least 55 miles per hour; so now you pull alongside and create a situation or even worse just to show them by cutting back in front of them. Well, I can tell you from experience of being a Radiologic Technologist (X-ray) for over 15 years that the speed and the amount of metal interacting with each other do not bring about good results.

As a matter of fact the most serious anger management courses from motor vehicle accidents come from the speed at which one is going. The faster you go the worst chance you have of a good outcome.

And all that was caused by anger, but there are other issues that will be are made worse by anger: crime, child abuse, spousal abuse, fighting, bullying, job loss and ultimately loss of life. Is it any wonder that anger must be controlled.

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