Getting Anger Under Control

Anger in the Workplace:
Getting Anger Under Control - 7 Simple Things to Work On

Congratulations on making the decision to get your anger under control. Just like anything, the first couple of weeks may seem the most difficult because changing the way you think and do things isn't easy. During my time of working on my anger management skills I have found 10 common things that someone just starting out on their journey should work on. Keep reading this article to learn about these 10 steps.

1. Understand your anger. You will never be able to control your anger in the long run if you don't understand the underlying issues underneath your outbursts. Once you truly understand why you are always angry you can begin to heal.

2. Forgive those who have made you angry. Once you understand the situations or problems behind your anger you will need to forgive those who have wronged you in the past. This step is the most difficult and crucial to your success.

3. Think positively. Positive energy will draw more positive energy and help you feel better. Just try walking around with a smile on your face for a whole day and see how much better you feel. You will also make others feel better when you are not scowling at them all of the time.

4. Channel your anger. Instead of using your anger for destruction, rage, or yelling channel your anger into something good. Find a project that you can work on when you feel angry. Use your anger to prove others wrong or find solutions to problems turning something negative into a positive.

5. Learn better communication skills. The best communication skill that you can learn is to start your sentences with "I" instead of "You". Even though you may not mean it this way, starting your sentences with you is perceived by others as attacking them personally. Using "I" will allow others to see your points as a perception instead of an attack.

6. Learn better listening skills. Many times your anger is caused by a misunderstanding. The person talking to you may have meant one thing, but you took it in a totally different way. If you do not learn any other listening skills, learn to repeat what the other person has said before you walk away. This way both of you know that you understood them and if you didn't understand they can correct what you had wrong.

7. Avoid alcohol and other mood altering drugs. Drugs and alcohol inhibit your ability to understand right from wrong and will totally work against what you are trying to do in your day to day life. If you can't avoid these things all together, then at least limit your intake to one or two servings while you are out.

     While there may be other small things you will want to work on while getting anger under control, the points I have made here are the main things. What I was not able to do here was give a real in-depth explanation of everything since my space is limited. To learn even more about these anger management steps, I urge you to

Source: B.K. Carter

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