Controlling that Rage: An Islamic Approach for Modern Times

Anger in the Workplace - Controlling that Rage: An Islamic Approach for Modern Times

Are you feeling angry all the time? Do you think your anger may spiral out of control? Here are some tips from Prophet Muhammad's teaching on how to curb your rage!

Anger is an emotion that is common in today's modern world. Due to great amounts of stress at work, at home, on the road and even during moments of leisure, dealing with the anger is not always easy. However, if left uncurbed, excessive rage can lead to violence, abuse and self-destruction.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) warned his followers repeatedly not to be angry (Bukhari). Anger is a sin equal to jealousy and estrangement - it is seen to divide friends, break up relationships and hurt loved-ones.

The Qur'an stipulates that "those who control their anger and are forgiving to mankind, Allah loves those who do good," (al-Imran)

Curbing the Embers

Since anger is seen as a despicable trait in humans, it is a Muslim's duty to control his or her rage at all times.

Anger, to Muslims, is known to come from Satan. Prophet Muhammad proceeds to explain that "Satan was created from fire. Fire is extinguished only with water. Thus, when one of you finds yourself angry, perform the ablution." (Dawud)

The ablution is the simple ritual of washing one's hands, face, forearms, front portion of hair and feet - a pre-requisite for prayers. By doing so, a Muslim is reminded of humility that he or she will be answerable to God for his or her actions. The water also cools down the body and spiritually breaks down the heat of feeling enraged.

If one is not in proximity of clean water to perform the ablution or should tempers flair in threat of a quick-blow up, an easy way to calm down would be to take a seat upon the on-set of rage. Should this not help, it advisable to lie down. (Dawud).

By sitting or even lying down, our thoughts take a pause and this moment gives us time to think of what we are about to say. Taking on a "lower" position helps us relax.

Your anger can also be controlled by just keeping quiet or by walking away at the heat of the moment. This does not mean running away from the problem - it prevents us from acting on impulse, something that is not necessarily good.

Prophet Muhammad advised that "no one has swallowed back anything more excellent in the sight of Allah, Who is Great and Glorious, than anger he restrains, seeking to please Allah Most High." (Tirmidhi). By avoiding immediate confrontation, one takes time to think about the situation form another view-point and perhaps come to a win-win solution after taking a night-cap or having spent some time in prayer.

Cultivating patience to curb anger

Patience is the antidote to anger and is also known to be half of faith. Cultivate patience through prayers and fasting as worshipping God reminds us that we are indebted to him and should someone or something happen to cross our line of patience, we must deal with the situation in a kind and gentle manner.

Dzikr (repetition of praise to God) is also a useful tool to control rage. By repeating phrases that praise God or seek refuge in Him, our breathing becomes deeper and regulates our heartbeat inhibiting and sudden outbursts of anger.

Remember to stay strong

A strong person controls is in control of his or her temper despite the amount of stress that surrounds him or her. The Prophet praised those who control their anger well. "Who is strong? He who controls himself when angry." (Muslim).

Source: Maria Zain

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