The Effects Of Anger

The Effects Of Anger Anger Classes and programs and articles can help with your anger problems.

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Most of the time anger is the reason that leads to communication problems in a relationship. A lot of the time that anger shows up without a real reason. Having fights in a relationship is totally normal, but when they happen too frequently it will lead to a big problem. Anger is the main reason why most relationships break up. This feeling when left unchecked can lead to many dangerous situations and actions that we regret later on.

You feel getting hotter and hotter, your pulse is jumping, you begin to breathe faster, you feel your palms getting sweaty - these are some signs of anger that is about to erupt. These effects result in lower oxygen level in the brain with increases the chance of acting impulsively and can lead to such actions as shouting, hitting and even threatening.

You automatically start to look for some kind of reason to just get angry and release your emotions. Humans try to justify how they feel by finding a reason why they acted like they did. By finding that reason we justify that somebody or something is bad and out of our nature we try to destroy it or humiliate it. These actions help us release anger. Unfortunately uncontrollable anger is a huge problem in our society right now.

When you lose control over your emotions all the communication is lost. A person can change into totally different human being and it can become dangerous. This loss of control can lead to many destructive and self-destructive actions. That it is why it is very important if you lose it frequently to use anger management techniques.

There are tons of effects of anger, but anger is not the primary emotion. A lot of the time it is used to hide such states of mind as fear, failure, loss of something/someone, or being ambitious. It pretty much happens all the time that we try to hide our real feelings and substitute them using anger. Anger by it self is not a negative emotion. It can lead to many good things like pushing forward, not letting others step over us or even getting better at different things.

It only becomes a problem when we lose control over our actions and stop being self-aware. Our actions when under this state of mind, can quickly become dangerous and unpredictable. By learning self-awareness and self-control techniques we can make sure that we will be able to control our natural reactions every time.

Remember that the effects of anger are not only negative, it can also be a positive feelings. If you are having anger issues, make sure you know some of the main anger management techniques that will help you stay in control. We don't want our life to be an angry one, it is too short. Instead we want to have a happy and enjoyable one. By learning the ability to stay self-aware we are pretty much guaranteed that.

Jess Wourte


Anger Classes and programs and articles can help with your anger problems.

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